Google Adwords Search

Google Adwords Search is a search engine marketing platform, and is one of Google’s advertising product for the search network. When eligible, this kind of ads will appear in Google Search’s result page and Google’s other search network, such as Google Shopping, Google Maps, AOL, etc.

The ad formats used in Google Adwords Search are mostly text ads.

Our expertise in search engine marketing has helped a lot of our clients to accomplish their business’ objectives, whether to drive relevant traffics or conversions.

How Does it Work?

When a user’s search query on Google Search matches our registered keyword, our ads will have the opportunity to appear on the search results page.

To determine whether or not our ads will appear, Google Adwords Search uses an auction. When we win the auction, our ads get to appear on the search results page.

The auction is based on a combination of our bid amount and our ad’s quality score. The total score of the combination will also determine our position in the search results page.

Benefits of Google Adwords Search

95% of online search is done on Google Search. Based on that data, advertising with Google Adwords Search will open a big window of opportunities for your business’ success.

Other benefits of Google Adwords Search:

  • In addition to reaching broad audience, we can also target our ads to only reach people who are looking for our products.
  • We can target our ads to appear based on location and language.
  • We only need to pay when users click on our ads.

Who is It For?

Since Google Adwords Search reach users with interest in products or services, it will benefit companies / brands who focus on increasing conversion. A conversion is user’s action that is valuable to you. It can be a purchase, registration, sign up, download, booking, etc.

Because of this advantage, we suggest companies such as e-commerce, bank, insurance, hotel, and other companies with online conversions to use Google Adwords Search as their advertising digital.